Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Week as a Family of 3 and Whit's Nursery

Now that I have come to grips with the fact that I will be pregnant longer with Whit then I was with Kate I am just trying to enjoy our last week as a family of three! My doctor promises me that she won't make me go past next Friday May its officially a count down of one week left!! Anyone notice the big white bow in Kate's hair in the above picture?? It didn't last long, but hey, at least she let me put it in for a while!

We went to play at a friends today and they have two boys. I think its cute that Kate loved all the drills, hammers and tools. I know this is because she sees her daddy working all the time with tools and wants to be just like him.
And here are pictures of Whit's room!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


38 weeks

Let me say that with Kate I had no expectations when it came to going into labor. However, with Whit I have many and for the record I know that I shouldn't! Kate's labor was quick and easy and she came 2 weeks early!! So I have been planning from the beginning to have Whit early or at least be induced at week 39 - I mean really, who wants to go all 40 weeks? Today I found out that I am going to have to go the distance. My body is not changing so my doctor is not comfortable inducing early and would like for me to go an extra week to my due date. I do realize that Whit could still come early and anytime but in my head I was planning on only being pregnant for one more week and now it could be two more weeks!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

All Smiles

Hope you are having a great day. We have been all smiles around here lately. And especially me since I finally finished this dress for Kate. It was the most intricate smocking I have ever done and then when I went to sew it I broke the neck gathering threads which just means that is why it looks like a high neck instead of a nice round neck!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Enjoying the weather...

With only 2-3 weeks to go before Whit gets here I have been dragging Kate around to run my errands or keeping her at home while I finish projects and get rooms ready. And even though we have been playing outside and enjoying this beautiful weather I figured I needed to intentionally take her somewhere she would want to go. Thanks to the Brantleys we have had a zoo pass these past few years and it is something that we get a lot of use and enjoyment out of. The Birmingham Zoo has a great children's section and this year is even more fun as Kate is much more interested in all the animals. I took Kate Thursday and then Jason and I took her again on Friday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Dose of Reality

I realize that when we are all posting on our blogs that we want to share the cute pictures of our families/children and share about all the fun stuff we all have going on. I am the same way but let me be the first to tell you although this blog shows our life it doesn't show all of it! So for a little dose of reality let me tell you what I am learning these days. First, I have never felt the need for wisdom but I find myself daily asking the Lord to give me wisdom when it comes to raising Kate. It is unfortunate but it took having a child to make me realize my desperate need for the Lord. Kate is the one thing in my life that I can't control and I struggle with that. I struggle with my anger most of all right now as Kate thinks its hilarious while she is disobeying...and all I want to do is get my hands on her and spank that grin right off her face. So then like in marriage the Lord is constantly showing me my sinfulness as having a child is surely bringing out the best and worst in me! I am thankful for God's grace today as I embark on another day of raising Kate. But for your enjoyment here are some pictures of her the other day when she had a complete come apart because I wouldn't carry her inside the house and made her walk like a big girl all by herself.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Life in Bullet Points

We got back from the beach and have been on the go ever since. Here is a bullet point list with pictures of what all we have been up to.

1. The girls in my Life Group threw a small shower for me Thursday night. It was such a sweet time with girls that have become very dear to me.
2. Easter Egg Hunts - Kate got to participate in three of them this weekend. First, we got together with all my high school girlfriends and their children. Then we headed over to Mimi and Pops to hunt eggs and finally on Sunday we hunted eggs with Poppi and Dre. It didn't take Kate long to realize candy was usually in the eggs and she would crack each egg open to see what was inside before going to the next egg. And if she found an egg without candy then she was most disappointed!

2. Happy Easter Sunday! Can someone tell me how to easily explain Easter to a two year old? I found that sharing with Kate that Jesus died on the cross for us and then rose again and now lives in our hearts was much harder then explaining about Christmas when Jesus was born. But besides that small road block this year we had a great time with family.
We gave Kate some plastic golf clubs for Easter so that she could play golf with her daddy and have her own clubs that she couldn't hurt!

4. Dying Easter Eggs with Mimi and Pop. Note to self, wash toddlers hands immediately after because the vinegar in the dye does not mix well with eyes.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

'da Beach

Kate and I took an impromptu trip to the beach this past week and our friends Katie and Campbell Compton came along with us. The weather was quite windy and chilly the first day but we could not have asked for better weather the next two days. The girls were so excited about the beach and playing in the sand...whenever you asked Kate where we were going she would yell out "da beach!" The trip down and back with two toddlers was not all that bad except for the fact that they are both potty trained so we made many visits to the side of the road to let them potty!! (for those of you traveling with small ones a little potty for the car is a MUST!)

Kate would stop everyday and take her shoes off before she hit the sand.

It was quite chilly the first day but Kate and Campbell were totally unfazed and had a big time playing in the sand...we were literally the only people on the beach that morning. I turned 29 while down at the beach. To celebrate, on my birthday we woke up and went to the Doughnut Hole for breakfast. I can promise you that Kate and Campbell were way more excited about me having a birthday than I was because it meant fun and treats for them all day long!
I got lots of birthday hugs from Kate. She was quite the sweetie to me on my birthday!
I know you all know that I love to cut Kate's hair. But lately she won't wear bows and hardly little clips at the moment so I have been trying to let it grow so that I can pull it out of her face. This week she let me put her hair in pigtails or as she likes to say "two ponytails." I could have just eaten her up I thought she looked so cute!
I am not sure what happened but somewhere between potty training and always asking Kate if she was dry and just the sole fact that Kate is not crazy about when her shirt or outfit gets wet in general she has developed a weird obsession. She was having a really hard time with the fact that her bathing suit was "all wet" when she got in the pool. Solution, take the bathing suit off. But she hated the swim diaper too (but I was too afraid of pooping accidents in the pool so we are still going to use it for now). However, the next day she just sat at the edge of the pool and played and would not get in. So I am not sure how we are going to fix this one!We went to Baytown to for dinner one night and the girls had a blast.
Baytown has a great playground there that we let the girls play on for a while.

One night we went to Dippin Dots. I am obsessed and of course Kate and Campbell didn't argue with the fact that I wanted ice cream.
Shea, this chair is a huge hit. Kate has been sitting in it for the past year all over our house so she was more than thrilled to finally get back to the beach and be able to use it!
I realize that you are probably wondering where Katie is? We realized that we had tons of pictures of our kids and them together but didn't have any of the four of us. We did finally get a few but they are actually all on her camera so I will have to update this post when she emails me some. But overall I had a great birthday and survived the beach at 34 weeks pregnant with a 2.5 year old and I even got a lot of sunshine which makes me very happy!