Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jackson Hole, WY

We just got back from a great trip out to visit Jason's little sister, Bry, in Jackson Hole, Wy. If you have never been, Jackson Hole is a great quaint town that is BEAUTIFUL in the winter and the summer. Obviously going in the winter we took advantage of the snow skiing out there. Jackson Hole is one of the most vertical mountains when it comes to skiing and it is said that their blue ski runs are equal to others ski resorts black ski runs (meaning that skiing out in Jackson Hole is much harder than anywhere else). Let me say that I found that to be very true. The runs are very steep and I found myself a few times asking what in the world was I doing trying to come down some of those ski runs. The benefit to knowing someone out there is that we got to ski with Bry's friends who can help you out and I also got a friend of hers who is a ski instructor to take a run with me to teach me how to ski correctly and not the way I have taught myself!

Speaking of how steep and hard this mountain is. They have a run called Corbets and it is one of the hardest runs in the United States. It was explained in USA Today as this, "You enter the chute's narrow, flinty mouth in free fall, dropping two stories onto a 55-degree slope. Fail to execute a hard right turn immediately, and you smash into a face of Precambrian rock. Survive, and you then smear speed by executing two nervy turns, exiting down a 45-degree slope as the chute fans out." Notice how Jason and I just took a picture of it from the ski lift, we didn't even go near it!
The sad part about the trip is that Bry injured herself skiing a few weeks ago so she was unable to ski with us while we were there.

If you have ever been to Jackson Hole then you know these antler arches well. There are four arches that flank the town sqaure.

The last day we were there is started snowing. It was so beautiful!
And last but not least. There is a kiddie terrain park there that I thought was so much fun. We all went off this ski jump which was only about 6 inches off the ground maybe. However when your skis leave the ground whether they are 6 inches or 6 feet it feels like you are flying. I took a stab at the ski jump and Jason caught video of it. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We've Moved On To the Real Thing...

Kate could literally spend hours jumping on the trampoline. And she will whine and sign "please" until I get up on the trampoline to jump with her!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

18 Months

I can't believe that a year and half has come and gone! This age is proving to be a lot of fun and a lot of work. Kate is very sassy now, knowing exactly what she wants and throws a complete fit if the answer is "no." However, she is a lot of fun at this stage too, running, laughing, dancing and playing so hard. She loves being outside and will stand and play at the front door waiting for you to let her outside. A lot of nights we turn on the radio and have dance parties....Kate loves a good oldies song! Kate still has a very limited vocabulary of only a few words but every now and then I catch her trying to say something new...like "bubbles" and "Lucy." But I do know that she understands me as she will follow directions very well (that is until you tell her no!!).

We went to the doctor yesterday and here are her stats:
Weight 24lbs 11oz
Height 32.25 inches
Head 18.25 inches

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why these pictures make my laugh!

Besides the obvious reasons in the picture below. I couldn't help but laugh when I was downloading pictures tonight and I came across this one. I didn't recognize it and that is because Jason had taken it earlier when I was not around. It made me laugh first of all to see Kate's little bottom hanging out and then secondly because I could see how humored Jason had been to go and get the camera to actually take a picture of it!

This new face of Kate's just cracks me up...and probably because she thinks its funny too. She really thinks its funny when she puts her lips like that and then she breaths in through her nose and her top lip gets suctioned to her nose!Does anyone see anything else in the picture above?? We have a nice little goose egg on our forehead on the right. If my brother, Michael, is reading this...Kate ran into the corner of the door but thankfully it did not turn out to be an ER trip with stitches!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009