Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Even though this year Kate still was a little clueless it was really fun trying to teach her about Christmas. When speaking to a two year old and trying to tell them its Baby Jesus's Birthday really puts things back into perspective for me as Christmas so easily becomes all about decorating my house, buying presents for everyone, parties, cute outfits, great music on the radio, and so much more. So I am thankful this year for the sweet reminder that Christmas is all about a little baby who came to be my Savior.

Kate was uninterested in having her picture taken with Jason and I in front of the tree...but it was nice getting a good picture of the two of us. Is anyone else like us and since having children have a million pictures of the kids but haven't taken a picture of you and your husband in years??
Both my brothers were in town and Kate loved playing with Bryce and Hannah. Here is a cute picture of Hannah and Kate loving on each other Christmas Eve night.
We had a wonderful Christmas Day with family. Kate really enjoyed opening "my presents."
*Santa Clause made a personal appearance for Kate about a week or so ago. The Brantleys have a good family friend that dresses up for Kate every year. Kate loves to talk about Santa Clause but has absolutely no interest in seeing him in person. She was shaking and squeezing my neck when Santa came into the house...but after he left she loved telling everyone about Santa and the Mickey Mouse stuffed animal he left her. When my computer starts behaving better I will have to post took me forever to get these up.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Boy, Oh Boy

We are having a BOY!

We are thrilled and Jason is obviously super excited about this news!! Our ultrasound tech was awesome explaining everything to us as she checked and made sure that the baby was healthy. We did not get all that with Kate. She spent so much time with us that it was neat to see the baby rolling around and opening/closing his mouth. We saw him sticking out his tongue and then sucking his fingers. We got to count all his little fingers and toes...I am again in awe of our Lord and how he creates and he is definitey in the business of details.

Now if I could just take everything that we have that is pink and turn it to blue...that would be helpful!!

Andrew Whitlark Brantley


Sunday, December 6, 2009

What we have been up to...

We had a great Thanksgiving, a great time with family but very low key. Kate is doing well with potty training and we have resorted to bribery with milk shakes to get her to poop on the potty. I am not sick anymore for the most part and actually really starting to enjoy this pregnancy. We find out tomorrow what we are having so stayed tuned for another post really soon!!

Kate has become a lot more opinionated lately. Very much into what she wants to wear and what she does not. So this morning when she got up it shouldn't surprise me that she was intent on wearing her fleece hat. But it was actually really cute and great for some pictures.
Our Christmas tree lights are on a light switch and Kate is very intent on making sure the lights on the tree are ALWAYS on. She has even started taking it into her own hands.