Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whit's Bedding

It's a shame that I am not as into doing a room for Whit as I was with Kate. Not sure if its because he is a boy or because the second time around you realize things just aren't as important as you thought they were the first time, or it could be that I am not working anymore and the family income is lower and you can't buy everything you want! :)

However, I have decided to go with a cabin theme in his room. His walls look like timber (thanks to Emily who lived here before us and did her little boys room this way). However I bought some fabric to make his bedding before I had really made a firm decision about the cabin theme. I have decided to just make a big boy room for him and then just stick a crib in it that doesn't really match the rest of the room - since it is somewhat temporary anyway. The fabric has a lot of the same coloring as the rest of the room but it is a little more modern then the rest of the room is going to end up looking. I finally started and finished making his bedding and even had enough fabric left over to make a skirt. It isn't perfect by any means but for not having a pattern and just going for it I think it turned out really well!

If I ever get the rest of his room done I will have to post pictures of it as well!! :) At least he has a bed now that he can come home and sleep in!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rock A Bye Baby

This rocking chair was mine as a little girl and now Kate has it. We brought it home last night from my parents house and Kate hasn't stopped rocking her baby. Guess it is good practice for when Whit comes home...except when Kate is done rocking her baby she just throws it down -we will definitely have to work on that!

For those of you who know me well know that my idea of cooking is putting a Stoufers Lasagna in the oven. However, one of my really good friends is the owner of Ashley Mac's and is an amazing cook. She has graciously taken on helping me become someone who can melt my husbands heart with a nice meal when he comes home from work and a meal that I can handle. So the other night we had Lemon Zest Tilapia on top of wild rice, twice baked potatoes and some lima beans (Jason's favorite). I am not a huge fish lover but Jason said it all tasted really good so I say it was a success.
I had asked Ashley for this beef bourguignon recipe and she responded with this, "it's not hard, but it did take me about 3 hrs to make just because there are a lot of steps. This might be like you teaching me how to sew and starting with Kate's heirloom easter dress." After that comment I decided that I should change my first real experimental cooking with something easier!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let it Snow!

Kate has this weird obsession with not getting her shoes wet so she wouldn't even walk out into the snow! So we have admired the beautiful snow fall mostly from inside but I did manage to get Kate outside for a few minutes!! Only my child would be so crazy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bye Bye Paci

Yesterday we said GOOD BYE to our Paci! Kate has been saying that she wants to give her pacis to baby Whit but that was not the timing that I was thinking of so instead we got her excited about giving her pacis to our neighbors little girl Hollis. We wrapped them up in a bag with a bow and we were off down the street to give our prized possessions away.

Kate was super excited to give her pacis to baby Hollis and had more fun holding her and playing with her. It was looking like this was going to be a piece of cake!!
For giving up her pacis Kate got a big girl scooter. However the minute we got back home Kate asked for her paci and I had to remind her that we gave them to baby Hollis and that instead now we have a big girl scooter to play with.
And I am happy to report that after crying on and off for a little less than an hour last night Kate slept through the night really well without her paci. She did wake up early in the morning asking for it but after a little back rubbing went right back to sleep. So the process was not as painful as I had thought it would be. And as with all other transitions with children I am hoping that in a few days everything will be totally normal and it will be like the paci never existed!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Showers, Deck, Playing Outside, and Pregnancy

A lot of you know that I am still really good friends with girls I have know since Middle School. There are five of us pregnant together right now...3 of us are having baby #2 and 2 of us are having baby #3. This past weekend we all got together for a little shower for Lindsey, Jamie and I who are having our second baby. It was a great time and I am so grateful for these girls.
Meredith, Lisa, Me, Lindsey, Jamie
It took me about a year of marriage to trust Jason when he said that he could build/repair things in our home. His carpentry skills have come in very handy these past 6.5 years and now he is really getting to use them. He and his good friend Tom are building a new deck on the back of our house. I think it turned out to be a bigger project then the boys thought but it looks really good and is really coming along. Just a few more vital things like a railing down the stairs and some steps at the bottom and they will be done!
We got outside the other day to play some and I just thought it was so cute that Kate was very insistent about wearing her hat. Of course I thought that she looked really cute, so here are some pictures.
I am 26 weeks pregnant this week. I definitely enjoy this half of pregnancy more than the first half but I am starting to really feel pregnant. When I was pregnant with Kate it was mostly during the summer months. I am probably one of the few people who felt really pretty during pregnancy. I have now decided that was because I was tan. Now that I am expanding with Whit and it is cold and I am ghostly pale, the same self confidence isn't there. It is amazing how a little sun kissed cheek really makes you feel better about yourself. Oh well. Kate is always asking to meet baby Whit and I have tried to explain to her that he has to grow big and strong in mommy's belly before he can come out and meet her. This satisfies her for now but I am sure for a 2.5 year old it will be a long 3 months before she actually gets to meet her baby brother.