Saturday, August 29, 2009


While I was at my parents the other day I found a tub of clothes that were mine when I was a little girl. A lot of the clothes my mom had sewn for me. Below is one of those dresses. I love that Kate is wearing dresses that were mine and I think it will be fun for her little girl to one day wear dresses that were hers. What I love most about the dresses that were mine is that the style back then was to have the dresses really short...I love that I can see her fat little thighs while she is running around playing!

I mean is Kate ready to go or what? She had her phone, purse, keys, and the baby in the stroller!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Quick!!!

Yes, that is right! Kate is wearing a B-O-W!! And the miracle of this is that she brought it to me this morning and asked me to put it in her hair! I will keep you updated on if this a trend or not...hopefully so!

And yes, those are my headphones that Kate has if she could just get her hands on the iPod!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to the Beach

So Jason, Kate and I took off for the beach last Sunday. Yes, we drove down during the tropical storm! We didn't hit any bad weather until we literally drove into Destin. I wish I had taken a picture that night because the wind was pretty amazing the way the waves were almost going sideways! Anyway, we had a great week together for some much needed family time. We are just so busy and with Jason traveling a lot with work we just forget what its like to spend a whole week together as a family uninterupted by life!
Kate loved jumping up and down in the waves with Jason. It was really sweet to watch the pure joy and laughter.

Jason was wonderful always letting me go out to the beach while he stayed in while Kate napped. Thanks to my friend Kristen Sweet who loaned my her Twilights books. I read over 500 pages in less than 3 days - a record I am sure. But now I am totally addicted and have to read the rest now. Jason also reigned in Kate during the day and allowed me to do some sewing. I needed a little tote bag for her at God's House and made this one below. I am not going to hide my pride. I saw one I liked and then made this one without any pattern and I think it turned out really cute!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Everyone Loves a Party!

So this year for Kate's birthday party we kept it small and low key. The grandparents and great-grandparents came over for dinner and to celebrate Kate turning 2! We had a great time and Kate got some great presents that I know will provide hours of entertainment.

Kate loved us singing happy birthday to her!

It was fun to watch Kate blow out the candle all by herself!
I think this picture is funny because it shows the progression of a child. At her one year old party she dug into the cake with her hands and this year she picked up a fork and went at the cake!

Kate has the coolest aunt ever! Bry gave Kate some Joe Jeans that are so cute! So yes, my two year old will be sporting designer jeans this fall thanks to Bry!

Our neighbors have a cozy coupe and Kate plays in it for hours. So she got one for her birthday and when we took it out of the box and it was in pieces, it didn't phase her at all, she sat in it and played anyway!

Once Kate figured out the sit and spin she LOVED it! And this one makes music so of course she loves that too!

Kate got a little bike and man does she look like she's ready to ride or what with those sunglasses on her head!

On her actual birthday the little girls on our street came over for some icecream. Kate loves spending time with these girls and they are soooooo sweet to Kate.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kate!

Two years old....really??? This time around I am not as emotional about my little girl growing up but I am still in awe of our God. Having a child is definitely one of the most humbling things and I am more aware of my need for the Lord now then I ever have been. These past two years have been so much fun and Kate has brought us so much joy. It is so fun to watch her experience new things! I love that I am her mom. However, to keep it real, she has also brought us lots of stress, exhaustion, and her out right disobedience has pushed me over the edge at times. But she has a larger than life personality and over the past few months I have watched her do things that I had no idea that she could even attempt. I can only imagine the things to come as we continue to watch her grow up! Happy Second Birthday Kate!

Here are her stats from the doctor:

Weight: 28lbs 6oz

Height: 33in

Head: 18.5in

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How To Share Your Ashley Mac's Strawberry Cake

It is a definite perk in knowing the owners of Ashley Mac's. If you have never tried their food they have a store in Bluff Park and in Cahaba Heights. Ashley makes the VERY best strawberry cake (among other things) and it is Kate's favorite too! But Kate has a much more giving heart then I do because she is a much better sharer then I would ever be with my piece of cake!