Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kate LOVES to dance

Did I forget to mention that Kate LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance. If you start singing oldies to her she does this head bobbing thing that is hilarious. My parents have a stereo that Kate loves to turn on and then dance to the music. I tried to get some video of it.

keep scrolling for some new posts below. we have a new addition to the Whitlark family!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kate has a new cousin!!!

Kate has a new cousin!!!! Dawson Lee Whitlark was born Wednesday March 25 around 3:30 pm. He was 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. Amy (the mom) was 37.5 weeks pregnant and went in for her regular appointment and was 6cm dialated. She had not even been experiencing any contractions really. How unfair is that!! Oh, and she only pushed 7 minutes! Really?? But she did have a rough delivery with Bryce so I guess she was entitled to an easy delivery this time. Here is a picture of this sweet little baby!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kate loves...

Kate loves trying to dress herself. But she never tries to put on clean clothes, only clothes that come from her dirty clothes hamper!!
Kate loves to undress herself too. I came in the other morning to her like this. I am just waiting for the day she learns to take all her clothes off and her diaper off too...yikes!Kate loves to not wear bows now. Hence, all her pictures look like this with hair all in her face.
Kate loves talking on the telephone and kicking back in her chair!
Kate loves to play in the car. She and her friend Locke Tyree played in my car all day today. It was like stimulation overload when I went to turn it on because they had the blinkers going, windshield wipers going, air blowing at the max and the stereo turned up!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to the best daddy ever! I love you so much!

Love, Kate

Monday, March 16, 2009

We love grandparents!

The Brantley's brought Kate home a moose video from Jackson Hole when they went. Kate loves it! Yesterday she went and sat on Papa Lee's lap and just pointed to the tv and kept saying "please." It is a video of wildlife, mainly a moose, and there on songs on it. Besides how it captures her attention I think it is so sweet that she loves to sit in Papa Lee's lap and snuggle with him while watching the video.

Last week was my mom's birthday so Kate and I went to surprise her with some balloons and flowers in her classroom. I attached the balloons to Kate and let her go in the classroom all by herself to see her Mimi.
My mom's class loves seeing Kate and getting her to perform all of her animal noises!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Warning...this is a long post.

So we have been doing a bunch of random small things that I wanted to share and figured to share all the pictures with you that slide shows would work best. However, you won't hurt my feelings if you don't make if through this entire post.

1. We are new members of the McWane Center and we are loving it! Most of what is there is a little above an 18 month old's head, but there is still plenty of fun to be had. To explain the pictures below...there is a great play area on the first floor and they have this water table. Last time we played in the water without an apron on so this time I suited Kate up. The little apron isn't so little on her as it touches the floor so it should be great protection right? Well, not really, it is pretty pointless when you have a toddler who pours water down the front of her through the neck hole of the apron! Needless to say, kate was soaked for the rest of the day. Another fun activity for us there is the piano upstairs. Kate isn't heavy enough for it to play when she walks on it so I got her to jump up and down. She jumped her little heart out for a long time and what kept her going was that every now and then she made the piano play. Another activity we loved that the McWane center had no idea that they were even offering was playing at the water fountain. Kate figured out that if she pressed the button on the water fountain that water came out. I bet we stood there for 30 minutes while she played. And from then on we couldn't walk by the water fountain without a small play session at it!

2. The park has always provided lots of fun and it has been beautiful here so we are definitely trying to take advantage of the good weather and spend lots of time outside. However, when did our children grow up? I realize Kate is a toddler but she stills feels like a baby. She doesn't talk much and she will still snuggle and let you rock her. But we were at the park today and she climbed up the stairs and got to the top and sat down and proceeded to go down the slide all by herself! I almost cried. She is not supposed to be able to do that without my help! She also loved the see-saw and wanted to sit there all by herself. I just couldn't get over how much she's grown up and how fast!

3. Last week the girls from my small group at church got together to celebrate two of our friends finding out the sex of their babies. The two girls kept it a secret and when we all got together we each got a pink balloon and a blue balloon. We got to write on the balloons what we thought each of them were having! Kate and I got both of them wrong! But it was a fun day of celebrating with sweet friends and the life that is growing inside them.

4. Jason and Kate had some great daddy/daughter time this past weekend because I was gone to Sharptop Cove (a Young Life camp) to help as the Work Crew Boss. I had a wonderful time but I will post about that later! Oh, and Jason survived the weekend very well!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time Out

We have started trying to do "time out" with Kate recently. We have the lure of Lucy's water bowl and food that we deal with and even though we do spank, I try to only spank Kate when she is doing something that will hurt her. Now, every time I catch her in Lucy's food or water bowl we go to time out. Sometimes she goes crying, sometimes she goes with no whimper at all. Tonight was hilarious though. I turned around to see Kate in Lucy's food and I stood up and asked "Kate Brantley, are we supposed to be playing in Lucy's food?" Kate quietly said "no" and then she walked right around the corner to her time out spot and just stood there. Jason and I were cracking up (silently of course)!! But it is so funny to watch her stand there with her nose in the corner. If she isn't crying then sometimes I find her kissing and licking the wall. To be honest, I am not sure that time out is working now that I think about it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow and Other Random Things

I started posting some pictures last night just about some random things that have been happening around here and then this morning we woke up to SNOW! Kate is actually a little sick so we went outside to get some pictures this morning but we will spending the rest of the day inside. Our house, yard, and neighborhood is completely covered and the best part is that it hasn't even stopped snowing yet!
this picture was taken while we were waiting on Jason to finish getting ready....Kate wasn't happy about waiting to go outside!

Here comes all the random pictures and comments...

1. While we were in Jackson Hole last weekend, all the stores there have all their stuff on sale. We got this North Face jacket for Kate at 50% off. Its a little big but I just couldn't resist. (oh, and here is her classic funny face too)

2. One of the main reasons I love my new sewing maching is that I can make sweet and simple outfits like this one. The pants take about 15 minutes to make (my kind of pattern) and the shirt is so simple to applique. And now we have a little outfit for the Easter season.

3. We have a new love of driving cars. Kate could sit in the drivers seat all day long and play with the steering wheel and punch buttons on the dashboard.

4. I think we need to lower her bed one last time. I found her like this the other day when I went to get her up from her nap.