Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Pictures for a GREAT Cause

An old friend of mine from high school and her husband are adopting a sweet little girl named Zoey from South Korea. To help raise money for the adoption, Lauren is taking pictures of kids this next weekend and she is using a REAL LIVE bunny. I think the pictures came out so cute! If you are interested in her taking your children's pictures I would encourage you to contact her. Its $30 minimum for 30 minutes but obviously all money goes to the adoption so you can always give more if you like!

Here is her information if you are interested!

Lauren Bush


*Whit's Baptism pictures below in another post

Whit's Baptism

What a sweet time with family and friends. This is a time with both my children where 1. I am thankful that we have a God who loves us 2. parenting is not hopeless because we serve a big God 3. what in the world have we gotten ourself into with raising children??
Kate had no idea that this wasn't all about her. She called out from the stage to our neighbors she saw...she waved back to everyone when the congragation raised their hands...and she was most concerned that Whit got his outfit wet! But listen, it could have been way least she was cute about all of it.

Friday, April 1, 2011


The other week was so beautiful we basically did everything outside but sleep! Jason was in town most of the week as well so we took a lot of family walks in afternoon. There are three horses that live just about a mile from our house. Kate LOVES to go and feed the horses!
We even let our first child come along too! Lucy was in heaven, as she doesn't go on many walks anymore unfortunately.