Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beach March 2011

We spent spring break at the beach this year. It has been a long time since we have been at the beach during a peak time so to see all that traffic and all those high school and college kids was pretty entertaining and a bit loud and obnoxious too. But nonetheless we had a blast! Jason was in Miami for work so Bry offered to wrangle kids with me and I so appreciated her!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big 3-0

Jason and I both turn the big 3-0 this month. His birthday was last Saturday and mine is next in honor of our birthdays I just threw both of us a birthday party! I just wanted it to be some laid back fun with some of our friends and it definitely was!
These guys we have known for forever! Half of them actually helped build our back deck so it was only right that we finally had a party where we got to sit out there and enjoy it! Two of my sweetest friendships. I am thankful for Kim and Lisa and the long lasting friendship we share!
Ashley takes the friend of the year award. She offered to make our birthday cake and I then asked for a three tiered cake and she was willing to make me one. Then when I came to my senses I realized I didn't need a three tiered cake but just the fact that she would have done that for me makes her the best!! But we all still enjoyed Ashley Macs strawberry cake!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. And don't worry I am not letting my birthday pass without some noise...I turn 30 on March 30th....its my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Always Playing Catch Up

We are a little behind on technology over here at the Brantley casa! I believe that our hand-me-down lap top is a little outdated on software because it won't open or pull up anything anymore including our own blog! So I am finally getting around to updating the blog from Jason's computer. So here is our life over the last month or more....WARNING, this could be long and in no chronological order.

One of Kate's teachers was out at the Mercedes race watching her son when she saw me come by and took pictures of me. I thought that was so sweet and she actually got a lot of good ones. I am proud of this picture because this is mile 12.5 and I am still smiling!
My sweet friend Ashley McMakin cooked a fabulous Valentines dinner for us. It was a sweet night of fellowship with dear friends and scrumptious food and NO KIDS!
Kate is quite the diva. Back in January when it snowed she so wanted to go out and play but then hated when she would get snow on her shoes or gloves! Cutest part was when she saw the snow she lit up and yelled "mommy its christmas!"
This little fella was all smiles in the snow!
Clearly I am objective, but could he be any cuter?
Kate dresses up like a princess almost everyday! Then she proceeds to sing about her being a princess... its always entertaining around here.
My mom and I took Kate to the circus when it came in town. Kate was in awe and it was really cute to watch. My mom offered to buy Kate a toy and of course Kate picked the $25 wand!!
We went up to visit my brother Michael and his family while they are living in the north GA mountains. After the roadtrip up I thought we would never travel with the kids again... I think we had crying 3.5 of the 4 hours we were in the car! But we had a blast and laughed more then I had in a long time. And the kids had a blast chasing each other and playing all day.
I am still spending most of my time running as I had so much fun at the Mercedes race that now we have a group of girls heading to Nashville in April to run the Country Music Half Marathon. I also have cleaned off the dust on my sewing machine and have been sewing some bubbles for Whit and dresses for Kate for spring/summer. And the weather has been so beautiful that the majority of our afternoons are spent outside playing with all the neighborhood kids.
UPDATE: Most of you know that over a year ago Kate potty trained. But pooping has continued to be an issue for us. These past six months I knew she understood and was so frustrated with her when she couldn't keep her panties clean or she would go so frequently to the potty that it was annoying/inconvienent. I finally hit my breaking point and took her to the doctor. As I sat there and cried and told him that if he told me that all I needed to do was take away something she cherised I was going to scream. I told him that it had to be something more. So the doctor ordered an x-ray of her tummy and it came back that she is so full of poop its not even funny. Her little intestines and colon are so backed up that we are having to go see a pediatric GI to figure out how to best "clean her out." So poor thing has been like this for who knows how long and I feel horrible now about getting so mad when the whole time she couldn't control it. The doctor said until she gets this fixed there is no possible way that she could be successful with potty training. We are just glad to have answers and be working our way to a solution!