Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Preview of Coming Attractions...

Coming May 2010...

Baby Brantley #2

We are pregnant again and very excited! Got to see a strong heartbeat at the doctor and wanted to share our fun news with everyone. Kate and this baby will be 3 months shy of three years apart. The Lord couldn't have planned this more perfectly for me since I had always thought that I wanted my children 3 years apart! Morning sickness is in full affect but besides that things are great.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a little late...WAR EAGLE!

Well it only took my 4 days to post this but WAR EAGLE! We have been at home showing our spirit for these past 2 games but have enjoyed the comforts of our home with a 2 year old as we watch them on our tv!

Here is a Kate in a little cheerleader outfit I found at a consignment sale!

We watched the Miss St game with our friends Beth and Jeff and their little girl Addie Jane. Kate loves her some babies so she was more than thrilled to sit with Addie Jane and have her picture taken.

So here is the dress that started all my sewing in the first place. I had seen a cute tiger smocked dress on a little girl once and that is what got me into smocking classes which in turn got me learning to sew the dresses...and finally after many months of having this dress smocked I finally sewed it up so Kate could finally wear it. (and of course she ripped the hem in the dress only hours after I put it on her....AHH!)

War Eagle! Hope you are enjoying football season as much as we are right now!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kate's First Day of School

Today was Kate's first day of school! I would say it was somewhat of a success. She cried the entire walk to the classroom and screamed bloody murder when I passed her off to the teacher, BUT she ended up have a good day and had a great time playing with the kids in her class! I also did very well with my little girl going to her first day of school...I do believe I am really going to love Mondays and Wednesdays!!

Here are the other kids in our neighborhood who go to the same school as Kate. It was fun getting them together to take pictures of the first day of school!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two Year Old Pictures for Kate

My good friend Lauren Winter came over the other day and took some pictures of Kate around the yard and neighborhood. She does an amazing job and I love how she does the lighting on her pictures. I did a slide show of some of the pictures since they were too large to upload on blogger and I wanted to share so many!

If you are intersted in having her take pictures of your little ones you can email her at