Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love our neighborhood!

Most of you know that we moved back in the beginning of summer. Where we live are two streets that are somewhat secluded from the larger neighborhood and both are dead ends. There are probably 20+ kids on the two streets and the families are just wonderful. So all that to say, we have no traffic and all you have to do is walk outside to find someone to play with or talk to. As we are finding out, the families on these two streets do a lot of fun get togethers. When we were buying the house they invited us over for the big Easter Egg Hunt. And this past weekend was the Annual Fall Block Party. It was great. You brought food to share and a blanket to sit on. They house we were at had a bonfire to make smores and the neighbors brought over their tractor to do hayrides for the kids. There were pumpkins for all the kids to paint and decorate and for the adults there was good ole fashioned food and fellowship. We had a great time and it has been wonderful getting to know our neighbors...not to mention a lot of fun. (ps. they do a big halloween thing too so I will have pictures up of that after this weekend!)
kate and maddie at the bonfire
abby, myself and kate on the hayride

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Day

I wish we had more fall days like today. The sun feels wonderful on your face and the cool breeze is perfect! When we got home from church today we spend the next hour or so outside playing and it was just so nice and refreshing. Refreshing that it wasn't raining...refreshing that Jason was home for a bit before he set back out traveling for work...and refreshing that this weather put me in such a good mood and made me feel so great I think I will cry if it goes away too soon. I have decided pregnancy, or at least the first part of it, is for the birds. I don't know how people do this over and over again. Being sick and tired and taking care of a two year old is about to be the end of me most days. But then the Lord is gracious and I will have a day like today where I feel like I can keep going and that we really are going to make it through these next 6-7 months.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girls Night Out

Each month my high school girlfriends get together for a girls night out and this month we went to sips n strokes. The irony of it is that four of us are pregnant so there wasn't much sipping unfortunately! It was nice to get a shower and put on make up and get dressed to go out. We had a great time and left with some cute paintings. I am thankful for these girls in my life and think it is so fun that after 17 years we are all still friends!

Oh, and I have not disappeared totally. This pregnancy is better than Kate's but I still have rotten days. However, I do have some good days too. But the reality of my life at the moment is that my house looks like a bomb went off, we barely have clean clothes and dishes are piled in my sink. I am ready to have my energy back and start feeling better all the time!!!!