Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Story Time with Kate

What I love about this age is the way they immitate what they see. Obviously they have storytime at school as Kate loves to sit in a chair and read you a story. She holds the book so that I can see the pictures and even says "see everyone, see the picture." And if I am not paying attention then she politely tells me to "pay attention please, i am reading you a story." I have heard a lot of stories about Umi Zoomi and David Goliath. Random, I know.

Here are the boys have a little quality time watching football!

This little guy has been congested for the past week which has made night time so not fun. He is getting better but the rest of us still have that deep cough which is so annoying. And I have now lost my voice completely. I am just ready for this household to be totally well.

Check out Whit's towel. Poor guy uses a lot of pink things unfortunately!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We Have a Whopper!

We went for Whit's 4 month doctor's appointment yesterday....He is a whopping 17 pounds!!!
I mean seriously, Kate barely weighed that at a year old! He was also 24 inches long. Both of those put him in the 90th percentile. Dr. Smith predicted that Whit would walk before Kate since he said that his muscle control in his legs was "impressive" at 4 months. So we will see if he is correct...Kate walked at 11 months and not sure I will be ready for another to be off and running any sooner.

Kate's first day of preschool was yesterday too. This year we can do carpool and I asked her if she would rather me walk her into her classroom on the first day and she replied, "Mommy I a big girl and I walk in all by meeself." So off she went to school and loved every minute of it! We are thankful for God's House Kindergarden and their precious teachers.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day, Tire Swings and Other Fun

A friend of Jason's from work has a place down at the River and we went up there and played on Labor Day. It is Kate's dream place, there is a big trampoline with a slide in the water and she got to go tubing for the first time. Needless to say she had a blast and her parents did too!

Jason is a much better skier than I am but I did win the bet yesterday. I got up first try and he made it up on his second try! Both of us hadn't been skiing in a while so to get up period was impressive!
Just a little FYI...if you ever want to put a tire swing in your backyard just go to NTB and ask for an old tire...they have a ton in the back that they throw away and they will let you go and grab whatever you like! So Jason hooked up a tire swing in the backyard. It is on a very high limb which makes swinging on this tire sooooo much fun...don't think I haven't been on it to try it out too! Oh, and Kate loves it too!
This little squirt turned 4 months this past week. We head to the doctor tomorrow so I will post his stats later this week.
Just some sweet pictures of Kate and Whit...

Well we might be flunking anatomy...Kate said she was going to listen to Whit's heart and then this is what I saw...