Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I realize I have a problem

Okay, so by now you know that I am obsessed with sewing. I got to spend all day Saturday sewing with a good family friend, Mrs. Burkhardt. She has been sewing for years and has so many fun machines and gadgets and just the cutest patterns. She was so gracious and taught me so many great things to help improve my sewing and embellished some of my outfits while I was there. Here are pictures of all the cute things we did. (and not only was Saturday great because I got to sew with a master sewer but I also spent the whole day away from Kate - which was sad but great all at the same time).

This is a little sear sucker outfit - I learned how line a top and to do a ruffle which I was very excited about. I still have to make the bloomers but I wanted to show the top because I think it is so cute.
I can't wait for football season this year and to dress Kate up for the football games!
Are these onesies not the cutest thing? Mrs. Burkhardt has an embroidery machine that is amazing to watch.
I am borrowing a pleater and learned how to pleat a bishop dress! Now I can pleat, smock and sew the dress!!! Mission accomplished.
Here is Kate in one of the dresses I made.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

You Know I Had To

You know I had to put a picture of my FINISHED dress up on the blog!!! I took the bishop construction class Monday and Wednesday night and put together this purple dress and have another blue one half done. I will say that it is definitely more work then I initially thought to sew one of these dresses but very doable. I can't wait for Kate to wear them!

Me and My Daddy

Kate loves her daddy. I may be able to soothe her better but she definitely thinks Jason is the more fun one. Whenever he has her she just laughs and coos, it is really sweet to watch them together.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


6 months is such a fun age. Here are just a few random happenings...

We have been having a hard time getting Kate to nap well. She used to love her stomach but now thinks it is more fun to roll over, but won't sleep on her back...below you will see that we have finally found a compromise!
It took Kate forever to find her feet but finally a few weeks ago she did and now she can't get enough of them.
Kate loves to read. Well, she used to love to read but now all she does is eat the books. If she didn't have her pacifier in her mouth in this picture I am sure she would have been eating this book as well. (Thanks to Jennifer for all her card board books, they have been a HUGE hit)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time for my nap Mom!!

This morning while Kate was in her exersaucer I caught up on some chores around the house. I heard her whining a little and I knew it was time for her to take a nap but I tried to finish what I was doing before going to get her. This is what I found...I guess Kate decided that if I wasn't going to put her in her bed then the excersaucer was the next best place to take a nap!

p.s. Happy Birthday Shea!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

6 Months

Kate turned 6 months old yesterday and today we went to the doctor. Here are her stats:
Weight: 17 pounds
Height: 26.5 inches
Head: 16.75 inches
We got the go ahead for all types of food and got a safety lesson about our home since Kate will most likely be crawling before we go to the doctor next. Kate must have known that is was her 1/2 birthday yesterday because I got a ton of smiles out of her when I got the camera out!

... and of course there is always this classic look of scrunching our face for the camera!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Weekend

The Mercedes Marathon was this weekend and Jason's company helps sponsor it. No, we did not participate in the marathon but we did do the 5K fun/run on Saturday.
Once we started running I passed the stoller off to Jason who graciously pushed it the whole way...I am going to have to get much better at this jogging while pushing a stoller thing - its hard!
Linda and Eddie sent us this fun monkey in the mail and Kate LOVES it!
Here is one of the outfits I made Kate. I finally finished the pants and was so excited for her to wear this when not 20 minutes after this picture we got to church and she had thrown up all over it. Oh well, we at least got a cute picture of her in it before hand.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here is why...

For those of you who check here frequently, I am sorry that I have not been faithful in posting. I have been spending most of my free time sewing! Most of you know that I am learning to smock, but for it to be cost effective I need to learn how to sew the smocked dresses. I was told that in order to sew a smocked dress I would need to learn how to sew an easy pattern thus the beginning of a new hobby. Sewing little girl dresses is so very easy (I promise if I can do it then you can too). Here are the first two dresses I made. My friend Deb has been helping me and she is the most patient and awesome teacher! This is the second dress I made...
... its reversible!!!!
And here is the latest dress I made. The flower was a little tricky but not too hard.
Next on my agenda for sewing is to learn how to make little pants and bloomers.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bring On the Fever Virus

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, Kate is getting over having a fever virus. I picked her up the other day to find that she acted like my own little personal space heater. I took her temperature to find out that is was 102 degrees. However, during the two days her fever was high she still laughed and played but she took AWESOME naps and slept longer at night then she ever has and was just really sweet and snuggly. No crying, no fussing, no nothing. So I say bring on the fever virus!