Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Months

I can't believe its been 8 weeks already. However I did tell Jason the other day that having another baby had been fun but that I was done...ready to sleep long periods of time again and not worry about feedings every 3 hours!

Whit's stats from his doctor visit today:
Weight 12 pounds 1 ounce
Length 22 inches

Kate has decided that she likes swimming now. We went to the river this past weekend and she had a blast swimming once she realized the life vest would hold her up. And then she and I went to the pool Tuesday and it was like she flipped a switch and now she loves to go under the water and "practice her kicking." So we have stopped crying about going under the water but now we cry that our eyes hurt. DRAMA!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons and Puke Fest 2010

The Brantley household has been under the weather this past week. Kate got the stomach bug Friday, I got it Sunday and Jason got it Tuesday. Needless to say it has been a rough week over here!! Props to moms out there with lots of children. Caring for two kids while being sick was about to be the end of me.

Kate is in the middle of taking swim lessons and let me just say it is comic relief for sure! The first day she woke up from her nap and brought me her bathing suit and towel and couldn't get out the door fast enough. Then she realized that she would have to go under the water the whole time so after much screaming and crying, the second day she hid from me after her nap! When we are actually at the swim lessons Kate will sit there and repeatedly say/cry, "not my turn yet" and "I don't want to go under." The instructor has to help me wrangle her into the water when I have Whit with me. But here is the funny thing...Kate is a great swimmer. She instantly kicked her legs and used her arms to swim. So for being petty young she is really doing a great job and swims short distances by herself. Anyway, everyone swears that in a few days they quit crying and start actually asking for their turn...I will have to let you know if that holds true for us!

And here is just some sweet pictures I got of Whit and Kate the other day. Whit is still doing great and is such a sweet baby. I am really enjoying him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Fun with Doodles

A sweet family on our street moved to Mississippi last week and we had a fun little neighborhood party with all the kids before they left. The talk at first was just to do popsicles but I couldn't let happen. So I made a phone call to "Mr. Doodle" (the people who own Doodles are the sweetest and most kind people ever) and thus appears the Doodles truck in our neighborhood for the party. It was a great time and the kids were THRILLED about Doodles.

Whit was sacked out for the party. Soon enough, he too will know why everyone loves Doodles! (If you can't tell I love this place, great italian ice and sorbets, fun atmosphere and great place to take the kids! And I have been eating Doodles since I was in high school so a lot of it is nostalgia too)

Of course, our neighborhood get together wouldn't be complete without the driving of motorized vehicles!

Monday, June 7, 2010

snippets of our life

Kate loves to clean...
Sweetest thing happened Sunday...Jason was walking out the door with his golf clubs to go and play golf with a friend when Kate saw him and she ran as fast as she could and grabbed her clubs and wanted to go with daddy. It was so sweet and sad at the same time as she stood in the doorway crying while he left.
We obviously forgot to tell Kate that she is too big for the bouncy seat!

Playing at the pool with friends...
Whit slept the whole time at the pool...must be the battery operated fan I bought at Walmart for him.

Well, sleeping is something he does best these days actually.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A New Low

You know how people tell you that when you have a baby you lose all modesty? Well I experienced a new level of that this past week. A bunch of girls and I met at the pool with our kiddos. As you know from previous posts Kate is not fond of getting her bathing suit wet so I just knew that she would want to only play on the steps of the pool all day. I had just gotten this really cute bathing suit cover up for myself at Target and was very excited about wearing it and realizing that Kate wouldn't be getting in the water I decided to wear my two piece bathing suit under the cover up. Now I don't wear two piece bathing suits anymore period so the fact that I even still have one is rare.

Now let me get you to the pool. We get there and Kate is playing great on the steps and I am sitting on the side soaking up the sun wearing the cutest bathing suit cover up! Then I notice that Kate is asking complete strangers to take her out into the water! I tried to get her to just keep playing on the steps but, no, she wanted to "swim!" My child who has been freaking out when she gets wet now wants to submerge herself in the water and swim. That is when I realize that my life was coming to a new low. THREE WEEKS after giving birth to a baby I was in a two piece bathing suit swimming with my child.

I mean, I have lost all shame at this point!