Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update on Potty Training - oh and a little help!!

So we have got the tee-tee down well. She went to church this morning for her first real outing without me and she stayed dry the whole time and her teachers said she did really well coming up to them and telling them she needed to go potty. SUCCESS!! However, as Jason found out this afternoon we have not quite conquered getting Kate to poo-poo in the potty. If you catch her in the act then you can get her on the potty to finish but if you are not fast enough you are then chasing around a 2 year old with poop about to fall out of her panties! So gross! Anyone have pointers on the poo-poo?? Since it is by far the yuckiest to clean up I will take any suggestions that will get us closer to her pooping in the potty as well as she tee-tees in the potty!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty Training

That's right, I pulled the cord and this crazy kid went straight to big girl panties today. I must say that putting a kid on the potty every 10-15 minutes makes the day go by VERY slow but we are having great success. I knew Kate was pretty much ready but I was still taking a risk. However, all morning she has told me that she needed to potty and I haven't even really had to ask or make her go. And besides first thing in the morning where she straight up tee-teed all over herself when we first put her big girl panties on, we haven't had anymore real accidents. We have changed her panties a few time because she will start to go and realize it then she will run herself to the potty to finish. So after our first 6 hours of potty training we are having great success but it is going to be a long next few days!! I will have to keep you posted.

Update on baby: went to the doctor yesterday and heard a good heartbeat! we will find out next time what we are having! I know everyone says it is because it is my second baby but I am only 14 weeks pregnant but look 20 weeks. And because I have lost so much weight from being sick I know its baby related what is sticking out from me but seriously, isn't it just a little too early still??

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and My Best Find EVER!

We had a really fun Halloween. Our neighbors had a cookout for all the families beforehand and then afterwards all the kids went trick-or-treating together.

Most children were eating dinner with their parents. Not Kate, she was content eating cheezits and then she found the candy stash of M&Ms. She was thinking she hit the jackpot since she was getting to eat M&Ms and didn't have to tee-tee on the potty to get one.

We didn't do any original costumes this year. I went with something we already had and that I could make warm since it was going to be cold that night. So an Auburn Cheerleader we were. At least we didn't have to hang our head since Auburn pulled off a victory against Ole Miss earlier that day!
Kate went trick-or-treating at one house then was "all done." Oh well, maybe next year she will be more into it.

We had a great time on our street as afterwards we had a small bonfire going and all the kids continued to run around and play until bedtime!

I cannot believe that I have not posted about this yet. It has to be my best find EVER! Every year Smith's Variety in Mtn. Brook has Rosalina come and they do a 2 day tent sale of smocked dressed. Good dresses, good prices...nothing super spectacular but a great deal if you can make it. Well this year I went and found dresses that were already put together and pleated, just not smocked. Now you can find things like this but usually you are going to pay around $40. I love to smock and I love to sew but as any mom can tell you time is off the essence these days. So when I saw these dresses in every color, shape and size and all I had to do was smock them and then put them on Kate I was super excited. Then I went for the price tag to see what kind of damage I was looking at.....$8 a dress. Yall, I almost fainted. I can't buy fabric for that price, much less the fact that I was saving time on cutting the pattern out, pleating, and then sewing the dress together! I figured it was better to ask for forgiveness then permission from Jason so I bought a ton of dresses for Kate and then pleaded my case of what an amazing deal they were to Jason later that night!

Here is what the dresses looked like. It is wonderful, you just sit down and smock whatever you would like! The pain of then knowing you have to sew the dress is all gone and its make the process so enjoyable!
Here is one of the dresses that is a sundress. I smocked these cute cows on there and can't wait for Kate to wear it next spring.

And I smocked this one with fall leaves for her to wear now!
I usually try and make this sale every year but you better believe that I am never missing it again!!