Saturday, March 27, 2010

Since we last spoke...

Spring break came and we headed to Atlanta for a quick visit with my brother Michael's family. Jason was conveniently there for work so we also got to see him and hang out one night. Bryce and Kate had a big time playing at the park and chasing each other. I remember when they were babies and used to just sit there and now we all have 2.5 year olds and they are all over the place!
We came home from Atlanta and didn't know that Michael had sent a little present along with us. Kate woke up from her nap the next day throwing up and then spend the rest of the evening the same way (to Michaels defense he got sick the evening we left...but that must be where we got our little stomach bug friend from). I then proceeded to get the stomach bug 48 hours later. Jason thankfully steered clear from it.
And we have basically just been playing outside any day that it hasn't rained. The weather has been really nice and our neighborhood is a blast when all the kids are out and about so we are just loving that warm weather is here!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Again, Poor Lucy

Kate loves to change her babies' diapers. She apparently thinks Lucy needs a diaper changing too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What I forgot about Pregnancy

Oh how quickly I am being reminded of what it was like to be this pregnant.
1. It is quickly getting harder to put my socks and shoes on
2. You have to actually sit up in bed in order to roll over
3. I sleep with at least 5-6 pillows because of heartburn
4. Picking up toys off the ground is going to be the end of me
5. My hip is disappearing and holding Kate is proving to be harder
6. Starting to need some help when going from a sitting position to a standing position
7. Had to start taking iron supplements - enough said
8. No liquid after 7pm
*all you moms out there chime in!! :)

At week 26 I was talking to my doctor about how soon I could be induced and at week 30 I was discussing permanent birth control options with her. I know she thinks I am nuts!

31 weeks

Friday, March 5, 2010


Static anyone?? I mean do your kids look like this on a daily basis too??
Sometimes I wonder if Lucy knows that she is about to have another baby come into the house and the torture she will have to endure again!

Anyone who knows me knows that I take scissors to Kate's hair every chance I get. But I have been trying to let it grow since she refuses to wear bows right now and her hair is all in her face. We can finally put it in a pony tail and for whatever reason Kate actually loves to have her hair in a ponytail.