Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy's Helper/Update - Big Girl Bed

After two nights and two naps Kate is doing great in her big girl bed. We know when she wakes up because she leans over to her night stand, turns on her lamp and turns off her sound machine and then just sits in her bed until we come to get her. So things are going great so far!

We moved her crib out of her room and into Whit's room. Kate is at the age where she copies everything you do so of course it was adorable to watch her want to help her daddy and then copy everything he was doing. I love sweet moments like this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Girl Bed

We took Kate this morning over to my parents to get her "big girl bed." They have two twin beds and we have now become the proud new owners of them - thanks mom and dad! Kate was very excited about the whole process and helped us by holding the door open while we hauled them out of my parents house and then she helped me make up her new big girl bed when we got home. But we are about to find out how she does sleeping in her big girl bed as she is about to go down for a nap in a I will keep you posted!

If you ask her where her crib is going she replies "it is baby Whit's bed." So at least she seems okay with giving up her crib. Let's hope that the rest of this process is as easy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For Christmas both Jason's parents and my parents got a Wii. Until this Christmas I had never played before. I was full out bowling and swinging the bat on baseball until I figured out that you just need some good wrist action. However, it was a little too late as the next day I could not even lift my right arm it was so sore!

Kate has taken a strong liking to the Wii as well. First my dad tried actually letting her play and trying to teach her how to pitch the ball in baseball...which she was actually very successful at since you don't actually have to push any buttons when throwing.
However, we then got to the point where we just gave her the control that wasn't being used at the time and just let her go to town. I mean seriously, she is two, she has no idea that her control wasn't actually the one working but yet she gets all the joy from the strikes being thrown by others in bowling.
The Wii is proving to be lots of entertainment. However, tonight I think I pulled something in my bottom while bowling so I am now coming to the reality that I am out of shape if video games are putting me out of commission!

And here are just some classic pictures of Kate from a few weeks ago.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year

I realize that I usually post on our blog weekly and lately it has been more like monthly.
I promise to do a better job in the coming year as we have a new camera now (the old one didn't always want to take a picture when you wanted it too), I am feeling great now that I am over the hump of pregnancy sickness and can multitask again, and Kate is potty trained enough now that she can take herself to the potty (for the most part)!
The Brantley household has been a little crazy lately. We decided to build a new deck on the back of our house. It is still in process but I will have post pictures when its done. Jason and his friend Tom are building it and I am most impressed with their work.
As luck would have it, a good friend of mine that has two boys already is now having a little girl around the same time I am having a little boy so we decided to swap baby stuff. And I mean we swapped everything. Clothes, shoes, crib sheets, blankets, name it. It has been a blessing as I went from thinking that Whit would have nothing to wear and that we had so much to buy, to the fact that he now has more stuff then Kate ever did when she was born. So besides some baby basics and getting the nursery actually cleaned out and set up, I am feeling very at peace and ready for this baby!
Kate is loving school and I am loving her being back at school after the holidays. I need to start sewing some spring dresses for her as I am sure that I will not be sewing too much after May. And we are just looking forward to the weather warming up again so that we can play outside and get out of the confines of our house most days.