Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

I went to one of those consignment sales and found this rain jacket! I also happened to go in the middle of the tornado warnings buts that's another story. Kate and I got drenched just trying to get in and out of the store. But now Kate is prepared for all this rain we have been having. It's a size 18 months but my friends 3 year old fits into it! I guess we will be able to use this jacket for a few years!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Faces of Kate These Days

We are going through a very fun stage right now of seperation anxiety. Someone please tell me that this too is only a phase! Kate has alwyas loved everyone and been great whenever we would leave her somewhere...well things have changed. When we were in Texas I couldn't even leave the room without Kate having a meltdown and the poor Brantley's had to listen to her cry all last night while I was out with girlfriends. This morning when I went to pick up some sewing stuff from a friend, Kate flipped out when I tried to put her down. Now, I am all for letting her cry at home but I tend to give in a little when we are out in public. But it is getting so bad that I am about to just let her wail no matter what, this is starting to get ridiculous. Any pointers from those of you that are pros??

Here are some pictures of the past week or so. Don't let this cute face fool you. She can turn the tears on as fast as she can turn them off and within seconds be cracking smiles and laughing.
Kate playing at the spray park...she went right in with all her clothes on.
Afterwards we went to the swings which is always a big hit with Kate.
Kate got some babydolls for her birthday and she hardly ever puts them down.

Shea gave Kate this purse and it is so fun to watch her play with it. She really loves the car keys and the lipstick that came in the purse! Great gift Shea...thanks!

While we were in Texas, Kate loved playing with Molly. She would constantly go up to her and try to wrestle with her and love on her.

We have been spending a lot more time outside lately. Kate loves the freedom to run around where she wants and she is happy while doing it!

If only this sweet face wasn't so few and far between these days!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Year Old Stats

We went to the doctor this past week for Kate's one year old check up and here are her measurements...

Weight: 21 lbs 15 oz
Height: 29 in
Head: 17.5 in

Having Fun In Texas!

Kate and I flew to Texas on Thursday to spend some time with my brother's family. Amy and Bryce made the trip with us too. Having all three of the cousins together has been a lot of fun. They totally entertain each other which is very nice for us moms. We are still here and won't return home until Monday. I will post more pictures then but for now here is one of all three of them together...getting them all to smile and look at the camera is just as hard now as it was when they were little.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Kate!!

What a year! What everyone says is true:
1. it flies by
2. they change so fast
3. they get more fun each and everyday!

As I look back over Kate’s first year I am overwhelmed. I am overwhelmed by God’s love for us. Our Father in Heaven is so good and gracious. He has provided for us in more ways then I could have ever imagined. From being surrounded by a wonderful church family and having friends and family to walk along side us in the adventure that is called child rearing! He has provided for us financially where I have been able to stay home from work with Kate. He has brought much emotional support from those in this stage of life and those who have gone before us. And throughout this year he has brought opportunities for Jason and me to nurture and grow our marriage.

The two songs in this slideshow sum up my thoughts about this year the most and the years to come. The first song is called Given Back To You by Andy Cloninger. The chorus is my prayer for Kate and for all your children as well.

May these little feet not wonder from You
May these little hands be raised in worship
May this little heart be hungry for You
May this gift of life be given back to You

The second song is called Hallelujah by Chris Rice. As I look back over this past year, look around me at God’s creation and not to mention the miracle of children, “my soul wells up with Hallelujahs.” I am overwhelmed by God’s love for us and so grateful for this little life he has entrusted to us.

Happy First Birthday Kate! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kate's Birthday Party!

This coming Tuesday is Kate's official one year old birthday but today we partied and celebrated with friends and family! Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Backyard Fun

Who knew a water hose could be so much fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bugs and Burns

Stomach Bug - Kate got her first bout of the stomach bug this past week and I was the lucky recipient of the contents of her stomach. She was a little fussy Friday morning so I picked her up and then "boom" an explosion of milk and breakfast starting coming out of her mouth. I ran with her to the bathroom and poor thing continued to throw up. When she finished I was standing there with throw up all over me, all over her and all over the floor...I mean really, where do you even begin to clean it all up? Thankfully we only had one episode of throw up and she seemed to be absolutely fine for the rest of the day. Have to say that I am not looking forward to when this happens again and I don't even really mind throw up.

Burns - I have to say that I am a really laid back mom and most things I take in stride but this just makes me sick to my stomach to even write about. Last night we had some friends over and we were cooking. Everyone was in the den playing and I was in the kitchen. I opened the oven to move dishes around so we could put the last pan in and Kate came running into the kitchen towards the oven. I screamed and pushed her back as much as I could (I was on the other side of the oven) but she still got one good hand on the open door. As a mom your heart just breaks to see your child in pain. We put her hand under cold water for a while and then gave her a cold glass bottle to hold to help as well. After much crying she finally settled down and went off to bed. Today her hand is still a little red but she is completely unfazed by the events of last night. I have always told myself to go ahead and prepare for and ER run or stitches with having a child...last night didn't require any medical assistance and I am a wreck about it, I am never going to be able to handle the stitches now!