Thursday, April 30, 2009

Destin, Florida

Kate and I just got back from a few days at the beach. My friend Lauren, who is 31 weeks pregnant, went down with us for a nice little girls trip. Lauren got a nice little glimpse into what her life is going to be like in a year chasing after a toddler!! Kate hadn't been to the beach since last summer and I wasn't sure how she would react to the ocean. She gripped my neck for dear life for over an hour and wanted nothing to do with the sand or the water. But after about an hour it was like someone flipped the switch and all of the sudden she was running around and rolling in the sand and I couldn't get her out of the water. Needless to say after three days at the beach I am glad to be home as I am exhausted. Kate took 3.5 hour naps everyday which was amazing!! And of course after only three days and 50 SPF sunscreen, Kate is nice and brown and I am still white!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Pictures

My friend Noelle burned me a cd of pictures that she had of Kate. Some of these are older pictures but I thought they were cute and wanted to share.

*looking through these pictures again, these are a great examples of how I wish my child would wear a bow in her hair!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loving LA

Some good friends of ours, Patrick and Noelle, are moving to LA this summer. So in good friendly fashion a few of us offered to go out there to help Noelle find a place to live! Kristen, Ashely, Noelle and I headed out to California in search of the perfect place for Noelle to live (and a great place for us to come visit also). We went as north as Malibu and as south as Laguna Beach. I am not sure what I was expecting on my first trip to the west coast but California is beautiful! We had the best time and experienced some great food. Ashley is in the food business and Noelle is an amazing cook and the one rule was we couldn't eat at a chain restaurant, not even for a snack. So with much research and diligence Ash and Noelle always found us great spots to eat. One of the highlights of our trip was our car we got to drive. First let me say that we are all now minivan fans because we got to drive around in a Mercedes Minivan. It was a sweet ride and looked nothing like a minivan! We all came home asking our husbands for new cars!

I am so thankful for these girls. We all met because of our LIFE group at church and some of the most meaningful and lasting friendships have been made between us. Finally, here are some pictures of our trip. And as Jason would say, get ready for four girls smiling in all the pictures with different backgrounds!

ps. we have been busy...if you haven't been keeping up, then keep scrolling for more new posts!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Halleluiah...We Serve a Risen Savior!

Where do I even begin to express thankfulness that we serve a Risen Savior. And oh, how I need to be reminded each day of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. We had a wonderful Easter yesterday and got to experience an awesome worship time at church!

And of course I had to make Kate's Easter dress. This was my second real go at heirloom sewing and I have decided after this dress that I may not make too many more. It can be very expensive and very time consuming. And it doesn't help when I hold the dress up to Jason and he says "very pretty" and then goes back to watching golf. I was like, "did you not take time to see the vertical lace insertion, or the pin tucks, or hand embroidery? How about the gathered lace attached to entredeaux or the gathered sleeves?" I think I just have to realize that he may never appreciate any of that! Yesterday afternoon we did a little Easter egg hunt with Kate and she was so proud of herself when she would find and egg and put it in the basket!
What a difference a year makes!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A New House and A New Nephew

1. New House
It is a somewhat complicated story but the cliff note version is that we bought a new house and sold our house in less than a week. The new house is on a culd-a-sac and has lots of young families that live on that street. Some of the moms called and invited Kate and I to the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt this past Wednesday and I enjoyed meeting all the moms and Kate loved playing with all the kids. We are excited about how the Lord has orchestrated all of this and we already feel like a part of the neighborhood and we don't officially even live there yet.

There was a trampoline in the backyard so Kate really had fun jumping on it with all her new friends. She was the youngest one there but that didn't stop her from getting in on the fun.

2. New Nephew - Dawson
Jason and I headed up to Atlanta this past week. I stayed behind in Atlanta to play with my new nephew Dawson and Jason headed on to Augusta for the Masters. As always we had a was fun to watch Kate and Bryce interact and play more together now that they are older. And Dawson is just adorable...weighing in at around 6 lbs he is the smallest, sweetest thing ever! But one of the cutest things for me was to see how interested Kate was in Dawson. Everything was "hi baby" and she would get up in the morning and run to his pack-n-play or swing and peer in looking for him. She was just so interested. I wasn't sure about this but I put Kate up on the couch and laid Dawson in her arms and she just sat there so still and would love on him and pat him. And now today while we are back home, all morning she has been asking about the baby!! Too bad that she is going to have to wait a little longer to get one of her own.

My brother is GREAT with kids - if you know my dad then you know where he gets it from. And for some reason Kate as a girl loves to wrestle and "rough house." So she had a blast in Atlanta with my brother because he is all about getting on the floor and rolling around with Kate and Bryce.
ps. I am still getting all the pictures together from my girls trip to LA last week and will post about it soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friends make my birthday happy!!

Jason has been traveling a lot with work and was gone over my birthday this past week. So my sweet friends took me out to dinner and we had a great time! I met all these girls from my small group at church and the Lord has really blessed me with some deep friendships in these girls. I can definitely say that my life and my marriage are encouraged and strengthened regularly because of these girls. The Lord really did something unique in this group and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

Birthday dinner at Cocina Superior. Some of the best Mojitos in town.