Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Time at the Beach

We just got back from spending some great family time at the beach. Jason has been busy with work so it was great to get some time with him and the kids all together. Monday was also our 7th wedding anniversary! Jason's mom and sister were down there as well and we just had a really great time all around.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Much Needed Bonding

Kate and I headed off to Alabama Adventure Water Park the other day for some much needed mommy/daughter bonding. I left Whit behind with a babysitter so I could spend the day just with Kate. Kate and I had a really great day and she was very obedient and just a lot of fun. There was a fun little toddler water park and then Kate LOVED the lazy river.

A friend of ours built a play set for his kids 12 years ago and modeled it after one of those backyard adventure play sets. Now that his kids are grown he passed it on to us. Jason has spent a lot of time taking this play set apart, sanding it, restaining it and now finally assembling it! We are still missing the roof but that will be on soon. The slide is called a "turbo" slide and it is true to its name. Kate goes flying off of the slide when she goes down. Needless to say she now only goes down if there is someone to catch her! But there is a great climbing wall on the other side too. Only downfall is this is a pretty intense play set. It is very tall and should be rated for ages 5 and up!

On a very positive note...Kate is finally pooping in the potty on a daily basis. Or at least for the last 4 days. I am not sure what clicked but we are having success and I will take it! Now hopefully this won't jinx it :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh the Joys of Children

Someone please tell me that I will survive the toddler phase. I am finding myself on my knees before the Lord in complete desperation much more these days!
This sweet face is a joy. I realize that he too will test my limits one day but right now he is just about the sweetest thing and I am thankful for how easy he is.We got to have some adult fun the other day. Some friends of ours bought over 100 feet of plastic tarp and created a super fun slip n slide. I have some great video of it but my computer won't cooperate enough to let me load it on here.
Last week my entire family was in town which meant all the cousins were here. Bryce, Hannah and Kate were really fun to watch. Now that they are older they interact and play with each other so much more and it is just sweet to watch them love each other. Hannah and Kate were attached at the hip by the end of the week after Bryce had to go back to Atlanta. The morning that they were leaving I asked Kate if she wanted to go on a walk with me and she replied with "mommy I can't, I waiting on Pop and Hannah to come get me." So needless to say she was very disappointed to find out Hannah wasn't coming to play again and was headed back to Texas.
My dad is extremely great with kids. Here is one reason why...who else thinks to throw the kids in a wheelbarrow and roll them around? Hannah and Kate couldn't get enough of this.