Friday, March 16, 2012

KD Shamrock Run and Pics of Kids

I only have a story to tell on this first picture and the rest of for your viewing pleasure. I got a letter in the mail about my sorority having their annual 5K Shamrock Run. I couldn't think of anything better then running in Auburn in support of my sorority from college. Except that running alone didn't sound fun so I got in touch with one of my pledge sisters, Mallory. The race was the weekend that all those big storms were suposed to be coming through Birmingham. Needless to say we were in no threat of a tornado but it ended up being cold and rainy. Mallory was a trooper and got out there with me to run despite the weather. Now you have to understand we are 30 years old. Most people who run this race are college students or parents coming down to support their child, so I knew that their was going to be this small chance that we could win our age group because our age group would be a smaller group. Well, Mallory and I ended running a great 5K in under 27 minuntes and the rain was even a little fun to run in. Mallory and I went back to the chapter room to hear the door prizes and winners. When they announced that the winners of the age group 30-34 and said, Laura Brantley and Mallory Wilson, we were thrilled. It was so fun to win and walk away with a prize! Of course shortly after we realized we were the only people in our age group...but hey, a win is a win, right?