Thursday, June 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons and Puke Fest 2010

The Brantley household has been under the weather this past week. Kate got the stomach bug Friday, I got it Sunday and Jason got it Tuesday. Needless to say it has been a rough week over here!! Props to moms out there with lots of children. Caring for two kids while being sick was about to be the end of me.

Kate is in the middle of taking swim lessons and let me just say it is comic relief for sure! The first day she woke up from her nap and brought me her bathing suit and towel and couldn't get out the door fast enough. Then she realized that she would have to go under the water the whole time so after much screaming and crying, the second day she hid from me after her nap! When we are actually at the swim lessons Kate will sit there and repeatedly say/cry, "not my turn yet" and "I don't want to go under." The instructor has to help me wrangle her into the water when I have Whit with me. But here is the funny thing...Kate is a great swimmer. She instantly kicked her legs and used her arms to swim. So for being petty young she is really doing a great job and swims short distances by herself. Anyway, everyone swears that in a few days they quit crying and start actually asking for their turn...I will have to let you know if that holds true for us!

And here is just some sweet pictures I got of Whit and Kate the other day. Whit is still doing great and is such a sweet baby. I am really enjoying him.


Ashley said...

seriously two of the most beautiful babies ever!!!! Your fertile, you are the cutest pregnant girl, and y'all make pretty kids.. I think this means there definitely needs to be a #3 and #4 don't you?!!!

The Alsobrook Family said...

Where is she taking? I would love to get Daley swim lessons!!!!