Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Poor Lucy

Poor Lucy. Lucy has always only had one toy, her KONG. Because we only gave her this one toy, I believe is why we have never had problems with her eating our furniture or wanting to shred things. Now Kate on the other hand has lots of toys and doesn't know that Lucy's KONG is not one of them. The KONG is actually becoming one of Kate's favorite toys now. She can spot it from across the room and she will crawl her little heart out after it. Below is the usual interaction between Lucy and Kate concerning the KONG.

The only good thing about this is that when Kate takes the KONG from Lucy she doesn't mind and then Lucy will take the KONG right back from Kate and Kate doesn't mind. At least they know how to share!

We went to the park again today and just wanted to include this sweet picture of Kate enjoying the swings.


Marianna said...

OH my gosh, that is so funny! Maggie is the same way with our dog Mack and his Kong and His Balls. She wants whatever he has and he's been such a sweetheart to not tear them away from her, but gently steal them from her...and she screams when he does! Glad to know Maggie's not the only one with an affinity for dog toys!

Leslie Harwell said...

Poor Hunter doesn't even get in the house much! :( I have witnessed miss Kate doing whatever it takes to get the Kong!

Denise said...

Why is it they only want to play with things they are really not supposed to??