Friday, September 28, 2012

Napa Valley 2012

Well if you ever wonder if Napa is a good place to take a vacation just ask us! We LOVED it so much we went back! Funny thing is we went back in March! Ashley who was our official photographer of the group just now got us the pictures! Needless to say she lost her job as photographer for the next trip!! :) Seriously though. Three of our dearest couple friends and us wanted to make a trip happen. Three of us live here and another couple out in LA. Everyone heard how much we loved Napa the first time and it just made sense to all meet out there together and experience it with each other. Jason and I always said Napa would be even more fun with friends, so off we went.
It happened to conveniently be my 31st birthday while we were out there!! Can't lie, it was a great way to spend it!!
Love these guys! It is a sweet thing for the husbands to be as close of friends as the wives are.
When you travel with Ashley and Noelle everywhere you eat is an experience. But I am thankful for them as I would miss out on a lot of good food if they weren't there to lay down the law of "no chain restaurants." This was us at Girl and a Fig. Delicious food.
We are so thankful for the Sweets, Glazes and McMakins in our lives. The Lord has really blessed Jason and I because of knowing them.
Ashley took a few hundred pictures and there are some seriously cute ones but lets face it, the bloopers are always better...

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