Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best of Friends

Here are some more pictures of our time at the beach. My friend Noelle took these pictures and I thought they were sweet. Graham and Kate are the best of friends. We call Graham "GG" and we say that name A LOT around here! We always want to play with GG. We went to a sing a long yesterday at the library and Kate was acting very shy and very clingy to me but when Graham and Noelle got there Kate lost every bit of shyness and was up dancing with Graham and playing and wrestling with her. Kate loves her friend GG. We will miss them so much when they move to California in a month! :(

Noelle got them matching t-shirts!


The Wilsons said...

Great pics! LOVE the header:-) It's been a while since I've gotten out of google reader!

Elaine said...

I just found your blog! It's so cute! Great to see you at the gym today, hopefully we'll see y'all more this fall at church. Those pictures of Kate and Graham are PRECIOUS. They are both so pretty. I just started my blog, but haven't gotten the hang of it yet. It's See you at church sunday!